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A thousand words? Really?

Hello blogging buddies!

We’re keeping things exciting here–wouldn’t want you to slip into a rut when responding to your reading ūüôā ¬†Your task is somewhat different this week.

Doesn’t this just say it all? ¬†How does this picture make you feel? Peaceful? Content? Happy? Itchy ?(for all of you allergic to cats) ¬†Now I could have written many words describing how it might be to be peaceful or content but doesn’t this picture really just say it all. ¬†I can remember snuggling up like this with my little sister when she was much younger. ¬†Brings back happy memories ūüôā

I would like you to do three things today:

1. Write a short blurb (at least 2 or 3 sentences) summarizing what your book is about.

2. List two big ideas (themes if you will) that are in your book.  What did the story, the characters, the outcome teach you about life?

3. Find a cool picture for each idea that represents it and write a few sentences to explain why you chose the picture. Be creative in this part! Don’t just find a picture of something that happened in the book, but pick something unique to you and then explain why you chose it.

I’ve given you an example or you can look at Mrs. H’s example. ¬†Don’t forget to publish by the end of class. Also, as a hint, save the pictures to your hard drive before inserting in the post–that way I will be able to see all of the them . ¬†Have fun!

1. ¬†This week I read Deathwatch by Robb White. ¬†It’s a book that I found fascinating although totally not something I could see myself doing. ¬†Ben is a university student who leads people into the desert mountains to hunt wild game such as big horn sheep. ¬†But this time it ¬†was no ordinary trip as soon Ben found himself being hunted by someone! ¬†He is stuck in the desert trying to survive against the elements and Madec, the man he was to lead on the hunt. ¬†After escaping from Madec in the hot, dry, desert without any clothes, shoes or water, Ben not only finds ways to survive the hunt; he also finds ways to survive the harsh desert elements. ¬†I’m not going to give anything away but it’s a fun read.

2.  My big ideas are DETERMINATION and COURAGE

3. Determination. ¬†Ben is determined to make it out of the desert alive and uses every survival skill he knows to do so. ¬†He even resorts to making shoes out of plant leaves and finding water in a puddle. ¬†I’m going to use a picture that is actually from my own life. ¬†These were stairs in Peace River that I climbed up and down 3 times one morning while substitute teaching. ¬†Notice that you can’t even really see the top in this picture. ¬†I hate climbing stairs! ¬†But I was determined that if the students I was teaching could do it, so could I. ¬†(and I did but I’m definitely glad to not have to do it again).

Courage. ¬†My second picture is a something that I would only dream of doing but it seems like it would be fun. ¬†And it for sure would take courage as I don’t think the penguin really stands a chance against the polar bear (obviously this picture has been “photo-shopped” but it’s funny none the less). ¬†In the story, Ben ends up trying to do the right thing which always takes courage, especially when it seems that no one is on your side. ¬†After managing to survive the desert and Madec, he has a heck of a time explaining his story to those back home. ¬†Just like the penguin, he is playing with danger as he explains himself.

Hope you have fun finding pictures.  I know I did.  Have a great day and a great weekend

Love Miss E.