The Angel Experiment

The book I am reading this week is The Angel Experiment which is the first book in the  Maximum Ride series by James Patterson.  It is about a group of 6 kids –Max, Fang, Iggy, Nudge, the Gasman and Angel  — who have been experimented on and are now only 98% human.  The other 2% is the result of the experiments at “The School” (the science lab) and now they all have various special powers like the ability to fly because of their wings or the ability to hear thoughts (that one scares me the most!).  They managed to escape the school and live together like a family but the story really begins when the “Erasers” (bad guys from the School) take Angel away and bring her back to the School. 

One interesting thing about the story is that I didn’t realize that Max was a girl until chapter 3.  This reminds me of situations that happened when I took my younger sister to hockey.    For 10 years she played on a team that was technically co-ed, but she was often the only girl there.  She’s very good at hockey and it was always funny to hear people in the stands when they found out that #6 was a girl.  As the older sister, I often had to make sure she had a change room and she often came dressed to the game so it wasn’t an issue.  I wonder if Max had to put up with issues like that simply because of her name.   

Your turn. Tell me a little about your book. Write about a connection you have to a character or a situation. As a last resort .. use the reading response sentence starters. If you need more guidance, go back through my (or Mrs. H’s blog) and read some of our entries. Remember not to put things like “thanks for reading my blog”, “hope you liked my blog” at the end. Just end it. I look forward to reading what you have to say, and learning more about you.

Have a terrific weekend, Miss Esselink


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